All high school coaches are required to join the local coaches association which provide numerous resources including information about clinics, training session, and rule changes. Youth officials are also encouraged to join with the girls youth coaches having their own organization, PAGLA. Below is information about each coaching association, information available on those sites, and some vacant coaching positions for those looking to become coaches.

For those interested in vacant coaching positions for both Boys and Girls High School levels, please visit High School coaching vacancies to Lax Power. Simply select HS level and gender, then click filter.

Boys lacrosse coaches should go to the EPLCA website for information on the coaches association. Instructions for how to join and some of the benefits from joining are also available through the site.

Girls lacrosse coaches should visit the PAGLA site if they coach a youth team or PASLA site if they coach a high school team. Both sites provide valuable information including info about clinics and training sessions.